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Participation in school and life is very important. Without the willingness to attempt to do things nothing gets done. You need leaders in life with great participation skills to succeed. I have great vocal projection with makes me a prime participator in class and groups. My time management and terrible organization skills hinder my success in groups however. I’m very sociable, interacting with others comes quite easy and when things get done they get done well. However its the finishing of assignments that gets me.

Time Management.



My biggest weakness is Time Management, I lack the discipline to get things done on time. I also have poor scheduling skills, whenever I try to set an appointment up I’m rarely on time. This is a problem I’ve always had and it NEEDS to be improved or else I will suffer greatly in the long run. Some ways I can help myself would be to start using an agenda and write times down on when I need to do them. I also could create alarms on my iPhone to help remind me to complete certain tasks.  

Problem Solving

Problems occur everyday, from forgetting your wallet at home to your girlfriend cheating on you they come in different sizes but all share the same quality. They need solutions. Luckily, I’ve adapted great problem solving skills from being an independent person most of my life. I’ve self taught myself how to deal with problems that I come across with patience and discipline. When handling problems, I use a calm and collect approach. I target the problem, and think of possibilities of how to neutralize the situation. 


I could be a little more prepared for problems however, I tend to live carefree and not get too caught up on things. I rarely allow things to effect my well being and this results in overlooking problems that are in front of me. I’ll work on my awareness throughout the year.


Interactive Communication

The article written by Martin Karlsson “Representation as interactive communication. Theoretical considerations and empirical findings” explains the relationship between the use of interactive communications between politics and electorate. This article proves that the use of blogs, twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets allow the political party to gain a more personal connection to the public by engaging with the public. Its a no brainer really how this has benefited both the electorates and politics and with this being said Martin reviews a comparison between the dated political campaign system and the new age system which clearly shows a more personal and connective way of interact with the public. A prime example of how well this works is with the president of the United States of America Barrack Obama. He uses every form of social media and the publics response speaks for itself. He’s more of a celebrity than a president and the result is the increase in voting. 



Anyone with half a brain would have seen this coming, with the world at your fingertips *literally* and the access to news regarding the entire world inside an app it surely makes sense that politics would come to the party and appoint themselves in your life in easier ways. With both positives effects such as the easier access to getting to know the respected candidate and negative effects that include the mass population of the oblivious side get to vote based on hashtags and Instagram pictures instead of actual campaign methods, that could lead to unfair elections.


Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Bloom’s theory he divides the three types of domains as following, cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor. Cognitive deals with mental skills which I consider myself very good at. I find it easy to obtain knowledge and comprehend what I’m being taught. Psychomotor deals with manual or physical skills, which I find is my weakness, my organization skills are terrible and I have a hard time finding time to get things done. Affective which means growth in feelings or emotional areas are my best qualities about myself. I’ve been raised with great morals and I place high value on key things in my life and never take anything for granted.



21st Century Literacies

This is the world I live in, where information is attainable in seconds. From the manuals to toaster ovens that were made in 1986 to videos on how to extend facial features in Photoshop CS6. In this century skills have become more of a standard as everyone and their Grandmothers can learn how to do things with a google search. However with the knowledge I know from being overly dedicated to social media outlets, internet and youtube I can self teach myself almost anything. Everything I’m passionate about is related to 21st century literacies. However with great power comes great responsibility and when you’re engaged in such a vast and prodigious world called “the internet” you can be easily distracted. Pop ups to Youtube videos of cute kittens doing humours things can lead to sleepless nights and incomplete homework. With that being said the ability to filter out the useless aspects of the internet would be a skill I could improve on.



Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-Based Research by Mike Leggett is a well written and informative article discussing the key components of science and how it relates to art. Mark Leggett has opened up a new door for art with science and how it could bring something bigger to “the bigger picture”.  Science and Art have battled with each other with both parties residing on different sides of the spectrum. Science involving around factual based conceptions and art surrounding around conceptual and interpretative thinking.


There is no doubt that Science and Art will blend flawlessly together and I see no real cons in having both meet up to create something beautiful. Science could only broaden an artists skill-set and have him interact and understand his surroundings much better.



“One who enjoys experimenting with and repairing machine parts.”

However its not only with machine parts, being in New Media you realize that you can tinker with almost everything to do with technology. Social media websites, programs, art, film you name it you can experiment with it. My tinkering skills are present when recording music. I mix and master my own songs and I play with every aspect of sound. Vocal, instrument and synthesizer. I replicate sounds, create new ones by playing with frequency range and compression and create a dynamic that wasn’t there before.


I could improve on the actual handling and repairing of things. I’ve never been much of a hands on guy in terms of tools and actual objects. I’ve always been good with behind a computer however never been knowledgable of what goes on inside and the parts. I will work on that throughout the year and improve my tinkering skills.

Oral Skills

Oral presentations have become my favourite style of presentations when it comes to education. I have many years of experience when it comes to Oral presentations as I am a musician and have preformed live many times. From my vocal projection, my wittiness to keep the listener attached, the well spoken and annunciated words to sticking to the main idea, engaging listeners and incorporating the audience in my discussions I am confident in my Oral skills ability.  Continue reading