Interactive Communication

The article written by Martin Karlsson “Representation as interactive communication. Theoretical considerations and empirical findings” explains the relationship between the use of interactive communications between politics and electorate. This article proves that the use of blogs, twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets allow the political party to gain a more personal connection to the public by engaging with the public. Its a no brainer really how this has benefited both the electorates and politics and with this being said Martin reviews a comparison between the dated political campaign system and the new age system which clearly shows a more personal and connective way of interact with the public. A prime example of how well this works is with the president of the United States of America Barrack Obama. He uses every form of social media and the publics response speaks for itself. He’s more of a celebrity than a president and the result is the increase in voting. 



Anyone with half a brain would have seen this coming, with the world at your fingertips *literally* and the access to news regarding the entire world inside an app it surely makes sense that politics would come to the party and appoint themselves in your life in easier ways. With both positives effects such as the easier access to getting to know the respected candidate and negative effects that include the mass population of the oblivious side get to vote based on hashtags and Instagram pictures instead of actual campaign methods, that could lead to unfair elections.


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