– Ryerson Student
– Kelly Murphy
– 18
– Toronto, Ontario
– Very Moderate Technical comfort.
– Unemployed

18 year old, grew up in Uxbridge Ontario. Small town girl with big city dreams, she has a passion for fashion and fitness. Keeps updated with magazines and Instagram but lacks a key app for all her fashion needs.

Kelly is frustrated with the lack of knowledge to what her favorite idols wear. She wishes to keep up to date with what new lines are coming out and where to get them. She never knows where her favorite brands are located online and or in stores.

Once she heard about the app there was nothing stopping her from coming on board. The user friendly integrated design allows anyone to flow through each section and find exactly what they want, when they want.

Ideal experience for her will be when she sees a dress at the Oscars and wants the exact same or similar one for prom and our app allows her to find the closest match right with her price range.

– Musician
– Fictional Character
– 20
– Toronto, Ontario
– Very Moderate Technical comfort.
– Unemployed

20-year-old Rick James grew up in Toronto and has a passion for music. He constantly checks up on the latest singles, music videos and albums that come out. His favorite genre is Hip-Hop/Pop and idolizes the top billboard artists.

Rick James is frustrated with the style he is wearing to correlate with the music he is making. He can’t seem to find himself or stand out as he’d like to with the generic brand names he’s been buying at H&M. He wishes he knew where to get the drop crotch pants or the Nike shoes LeBron was wearing in his last game but he can’t seem to find it.

Once he heard about the app he couldn’t wait to get on board, finally a service that delivers exactly what he wants. An all in one clothing app to make sure that every day is Fit suits him best. He now can find affordable options to his favorite brands and has the confidence to go out to bars and look the way he wants.

Ideal experience for him will be when he see’s Drake’s music video and spots the dancer wearing a sweater that just screams his name. Of course he doesn’t have the dancers contact information to ask where he bought it from so he hops on to FitFinder and with constant updates and the “FindThis” option can post a picture and have users and customer service help find the sweater for him.

After this interview I knew the exact direction I wanted to go with FitFinder. I need to make it the go to for finding clothing items with being as user friendly as possible. Since she pointed out “I use Instagram mostly for fashion but I have to search” I figured I needed to make it pop right out the gate with everything you need right at the homepage. I also noticed when she said; “I spend nearly a grand a month on clothing” I am going to integrate a shopping option as well. This will not only revolutionize online shopping but also make it easy for anyone to do. With the entire world at your fingertips at every second of the day consumers are constantly bombarded with pop culture and fashion is thing that draws you in. Whether you need a look for a business meeting, or you are looking for a HypeBeast trendy Kanye West inspired look our app covers everything and will give you the best experience for finding your fit.