– Ryerson Student
– Kelly Murphy
– 18
– Toronto, Ontario
– Very Moderate Technical comfort.
– Unemployed

18 year old, grew up in Uxbridge Ontario. Small town girl with big city dreams, she has a passion for fashion and fitness. Keeps updated with magazines and Instagram but lacks a key app for all her fashion needs.

Kelly is frustrated with the lack of knowledge to what her favorite idols wear. She wishes to keep up to date with what new lines are coming out and where to get them. She never knows where her favorite brands are located online and or in stores.

Once she heard about the app there was nothing stopping her from coming on board. The user friendly integrated design allows anyone to flow through each section and find exactly what they want, when they want.

Ideal experience for her will be when she sees a dress at the Oscars and wants the exact same or similar one for prom and our app allows her to find the closest match right with her price range.

– Musician
– Fictional Character
– 20
– Toronto, Ontario
– Very Moderate Technical comfort.
– Unemployed

20-year-old Rick James grew up in Toronto and has a passion for music. He constantly checks up on the latest singles, music videos and albums that come out. His favorite genre is Hip-Hop/Pop and idolizes the top billboard artists.

Rick James is frustrated with the style he is wearing to correlate with the music he is making. He can’t seem to find himself or stand out as he’d like to with the generic brand names he’s been buying at H&M. He wishes he knew where to get the drop crotch pants or the Nike shoes LeBron was wearing in his last game but he can’t seem to find it.

Once he heard about the app he couldn’t wait to get on board, finally a service that delivers exactly what he wants. An all in one clothing app to make sure that every day is Fit suits him best. He now can find affordable options to his favorite brands and has the confidence to go out to bars and look the way he wants.

Ideal experience for him will be when he see’s Drake’s music video and spots the dancer wearing a sweater that just screams his name. Of course he doesn’t have the dancers contact information to ask where he bought it from so he hops on to FitFinder and with constant updates and the “FindThis” option can post a picture and have users and customer service help find the sweater for him.

After this interview I knew the exact direction I wanted to go with FitFinder. I need to make it the go to for finding clothing items with being as user friendly as possible. Since she pointed out “I use Instagram mostly for fashion but I have to search” I figured I needed to make it pop right out the gate with everything you need right at the homepage. I also noticed when she said; “I spend nearly a grand a month on clothing” I am going to integrate a shopping option as well. This will not only revolutionize online shopping but also make it easy for anyone to do. With the entire world at your fingertips at every second of the day consumers are constantly bombarded with pop culture and fashion is thing that draws you in. Whether you need a look for a business meeting, or you are looking for a HypeBeast trendy Kanye West inspired look our app covers everything and will give you the best experience for finding your fit.

“What will New Media be like in 2060?”


“What will New Media be like in 2060?”


            The never-ending thirst for change and innovation has blossomed into an extremely dangerous addiction. “The paradox of choice” a realization of why more is less and an explanation on how we’ve become slaves to change. Slaves to the New Media society we live in. With fascinating and more importantly “useful” ways to take technology and escape boundaries and limits once placed on us, New Media could not only change our lives, it could become our lives. Military robots, virtual reality simulators, and social media, we have dived head first into the “New Media” generation and only time will tell if this will benefit or hinder the way we live.

Social media is now a standard in today’s world. If you don’t have a Facebook account or a Twitter feed you are valued less as a person. You will miss most social events and will never understand the satisfaction of receiving double digit likes on a picture or 100 retweets on a tweet directed to Kanye West about how absolutely horrid his last video was. However this is just the start with social media, Facebook and Twitter have only been around for 9 years, with 5 years of solid popularity. It’s now the main driving force in today’s society. With the connectivity to absolutely everything in your life and the entire world being able to add you as a friend or follow your feed its now become a virtual world that we live in. Social Media will only expand with smartphones being able to do everything imaginable we will only rely more heavily rely on our phones in 50 years. Prototypes of new products including “Google Glass” may even eliminate the need of a cell phone and make everything virtual. “Google Glass” is a headset reminiscing of what an X-Man hero would wear. The prototype shows interaction vocally and through hand movements. With a simple voice command like “take picture” the “Google Glass” will take a picture of whatever you’re staring at in the moment. You can also simply look at barcodes and “Google Glass” will scan it and present you with cheaper options and directions to where they’re located.  Many new apps like Snapchat and Tinder educe various ways for online dating through smartphones and iPods, and with the inclusion of a future product called the Full-Body Haptic Suit, which allows you to interact between two bodies through sensors. Doors will open to Virtual Sex Apps and Chat-rooms all over the Internet. Social Media is a key component in the growth in New Media.

JAMIL, MOHAMMAD. “Full Immersion Virtual Reality | VR | Future Manufacturing Jobs | Nanotechnology 2030 | Future Timeline | Humanity | Technology | Singularity | 2030 | 2030s | World Tin Reserves | 21st century | Bangkok 2030 | Kidney Cancer Five Year Survival Rate | Leukemia Five Year Survival Rate.” Full Immersion Virtual Reality | VR | Future Manufacturing Jobs | Nanotechnology 2030 | Future Timeline | Humanity | Technology | Singularity | 2030 | 2030s | World Tin Reserves | 21st century | Bangkok 2030 | Kidney Cancer Five Year Survival Rate | Leukemia Five Year Survival Rate. N.p., 14 Nov. 2013. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. <;.

“Life Imitates Art” a quote by Oscar Wilde, which means that we are inspired in real life by something created by art. So with virtual reality gaining popularity it seems possible to believe that we are getting closer to actually living in a created world that we’ve been inspired by. Where the masses get to reach that perfection they can never achieve, in a world where you get to be anything you want instead of being who you are. With “Full immersion virtual reality” stated to be fully functional and distributed in 2039. With astounding realism and pinpoint detail users now have the option to become the character and live inside their world. Human brains are actually connecting with computer intelligence. Rather than needing a computer screen to view a game, you can actually have it form within your own nervous system, as it was a dream, however you decide when to stat and when to end. What does this mean for New Media? It means new worlds. It allows us what we’ve been craving for most, full virtual reality. Absolute control to a computer generated life that we could partake in. Some might say its “The Matrix” way of living. When the film came out people were amazed by the overall theme and world that the movie portrays, however as we edge closer to New Media we can see that this isn’t just a far fetched dream anymore, virtual worlds are now possible to live in. With new doors being opened to how to live life and reality becoming more obsolete we find ourselves fending for the impossible. Society has become unsatisfied with the norm of everyday life, so in result we decide to expand and cater to the desires of consumers. A dream come true, or perhaps a nightmare foreshadowing behind us. The thrill of wanting more, battling with the loss of true happiness. Satisfaction is slowly dying in the New Media age.

            “”Full Immersion Virtual Reality | VR | Future Manufacturing Jobs | Nanotechnology 2030 | Future Timeline | Humanity | Technology | Singularity | 2030 | 2030s | World Tin Reserves | 21st century | Bangkok 2030 | Kidney Cancer Five Year Survival Rate | Leukemia Five Year Survival Rate.” Full Immersion Virtual Reality | VR | Future Manufacturing Jobs | Nanotechnology 2030 | Future Timeline | Humanity | Technology | Singularity | 2030 | 2030s | World Tin Reserves | 21st century | Bangkok 2030 | Kidney Cancer Five Year Survival Rate | Leukemia Five Year Survival Rate. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. <;.


Living in a world where war and fear is served on a sliver platter through television sets and radio stations it only makes sense that New Media would give a hand in aiding the constant battle over religion and oil. With innovation in the minds of the wrong people, New Media can lead to tragic and lethal creations. Like Obama signing the approval to deploy drones to Middle Eastern countries to serve and protect US Military Soldiers and at the same time, taking the lives of innocent people and destroying homes. The top robotic companies “HDT Robotics, iRobot, Northrop Grumman, and QinetiQ got to showcase their machine gun-armed robot named “SWORDS”. The demo showcased the man-made robot accurately hitting targets 500 feet away, which to the United States of America seems like a god given gift.  Lt. Col. Willie Smith, chief of the Unmanned Ground Vehicles at For Benning was quoted saying “They’re not just tools, but members of the squad.” 100 years ago, battles were fought in the trenches, now it seems that wars are fought with money and technology. Creating unfair advantages for the rich to bully the lesser with technology that surpasses human levels. The Terminator, a movie staring the ex governor of Florida, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows a robotic creation to aid the military in war. With sequels and the most recent “Terminator Salvation” it opens the very real possibility of how all these artificial intelligent war machines could actually do more harm then good. It seems we are leading ourselves down a dangerous path by giving machines weaponry and the intelligence to think for themselves.

 MCDUFFEE, ALLEN. “Killer Robots With Automatic Rifles Could Be on the Battlefield in 5 Years.” Conde Nast Digital, 13 Oct. 2016. Web. 29 Nov. 2013. <;.


What will New Media be like in 2060? With a question like that you have to understand that not only will New Media be the driving force in todays world but quite possibly the same force that drives the world into destruction. New Media is a wonderful dream filled with everlasting ways to interact using Social Media, creating relationships online, living entire lives through Virtual Reality and helping protect lives with military weapons and robots. It seems like a wonderful future, however it’s also dawns a haunting nightmare revolving around addiction to change, the need for more and the possibility of dangerous encounters with linking artificial intelligence to weaponry. We are in a new world, the impossible is now possible, and imagination can now be fully accessed. There’s no more “what if” there’s only “what’s next?’” and what’s next could be the thing that kills us.

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The Library

The Ryerson Library differentiates itself from regular libraries with its inclusion of its trademarked database that allows you to research books, articles and journals from a computer rather than physically going there and looking through books. Its helps students out for the fact that its reachable from anywhere at anytime and that distances it from standard library’s that do not have this same feature.

Web Literacy



Web Literacy has become a standard in todays world. With an infinite amount of information, both accurate and inaccurate the web teaches us new and innovate ways to learn and interact with others. Creating words that have been published in dictionaries like “Selfie” and “Google” the web has opened up a new standard for literacy that will continue to adapt throughout the years.

Self Learning

I pride myself with self learning. I find the best teacher is yourself and failure is your best friend. A wise man once said a broken clock is right 2 times a day. The way you teach yourself is important and you must not be afraid of failure, failure teaches you the most in life and its the way you respond to it that creates your future. You can literally fail your way to success with the right self enlightenment about life.


Participation in school and life is very important. Without the willingness to attempt to do things nothing gets done. You need leaders in life with great participation skills to succeed. I have great vocal projection with makes me a prime participator in class and groups. My time management and terrible organization skills hinder my success in groups however. I’m very sociable, interacting with others comes quite easy and when things get done they get done well. However its the finishing of assignments that gets me.

Time Management.



My biggest weakness is Time Management, I lack the discipline to get things done on time. I also have poor scheduling skills, whenever I try to set an appointment up I’m rarely on time. This is a problem I’ve always had and it NEEDS to be improved or else I will suffer greatly in the long run. Some ways I can help myself would be to start using an agenda and write times down on when I need to do them. I also could create alarms on my iPhone to help remind me to complete certain tasks.  

Problem Solving

Problems occur everyday, from forgetting your wallet at home to your girlfriend cheating on you they come in different sizes but all share the same quality. They need solutions. Luckily, I’ve adapted great problem solving skills from being an independent person most of my life. I’ve self taught myself how to deal with problems that I come across with patience and discipline. When handling problems, I use a calm and collect approach. I target the problem, and think of possibilities of how to neutralize the situation. 


I could be a little more prepared for problems however, I tend to live carefree and not get too caught up on things. I rarely allow things to effect my well being and this results in overlooking problems that are in front of me. I’ll work on my awareness throughout the year.


Interactive Communication

The article written by Martin Karlsson “Representation as interactive communication. Theoretical considerations and empirical findings” explains the relationship between the use of interactive communications between politics and electorate. This article proves that the use of blogs, twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets allow the political party to gain a more personal connection to the public by engaging with the public. Its a no brainer really how this has benefited both the electorates and politics and with this being said Martin reviews a comparison between the dated political campaign system and the new age system which clearly shows a more personal and connective way of interact with the public. A prime example of how well this works is with the president of the United States of America Barrack Obama. He uses every form of social media and the publics response speaks for itself. He’s more of a celebrity than a president and the result is the increase in voting. 



Anyone with half a brain would have seen this coming, with the world at your fingertips *literally* and the access to news regarding the entire world inside an app it surely makes sense that politics would come to the party and appoint themselves in your life in easier ways. With both positives effects such as the easier access to getting to know the respected candidate and negative effects that include the mass population of the oblivious side get to vote based on hashtags and Instagram pictures instead of actual campaign methods, that could lead to unfair elections.